CASE STUDIES - Release Date : November 2012

MecWash ensures spotless surfaces for cutting edge technology

Cambridge based tool engineer, C4 Carbides, recently commissioned an aqueous cleaning system from MecWash to remove oil and dirt from the cutting edge of tools prior to adhering carbide and painting.

C4 Carbides manufactures carbide tipped power tool accessories including jig and industrial band saw blades, which are exported across the globe. Over 90% of its output is currently destined for overseas markets including the USA, Europe and the Asia Pacific region. The company, established by current CEO Peter Nicolson in 1985, has established a reputation for developing innovative products using cutting edge brazing technology.

Effective cleaning plays a vital role in the manufacturing process as C4 Carbides Project Engineer, Simon Peckham, explains. He says, "The nature of our products demands that we achieve a sterile surface prior to applying the carbide and painting. Any oil and dirt residue remaining from the production process has the potential to significantly impact the efficiency of our products and could therefore adversely affect our reputation."

MecWash specialises in designing bespoke aqueous cleaning systems for plastic and metal components used in a wide range of manufacturing industries including automotive and aerospace as well as for general engineering applications.

C4 Carbides commissioned a MecWash Duo for installation at its production facility, following comprehensive trials at MecWash's purpose built facilities in Tewkesbury. The Duo benefits from a powerful spray wash and a flood /immersion wash. This provides superior cleaning thanks to full solution contact with all component surfaces. This is followed by a re-circulating spray rinse, which provides high standards of surface finish by removing detergent residues left by the wash solution. The rinse stage can also be used to apply a longer term corrosion inhibitor for ferrous components.

The Duo is a highly versatile system providing precision cleaning for both large components and dense baskets of small parts - all cleaning cycles are finished off with a hot air dry.

Simon Peckham continues, "We are really pleased with the results we've seen since installing the MecWash system. Before the Duo arrived we used solvents to clean the cutting tools, but this could be a messy, smelly and time consuming process. The MecWash system addresses all of these issues and we're now experiencing excellent cleaning results from the machine which is really easy to maintain. I would definitely recommend installing a MecWash system."

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