Senior Flexonics speeds up production with MecWash

by Administrator 14. October 2012 10:23

Senior Flexonics, a global manufacturer of flexible automotive components, ordered a bespoke aqueous component cleaning machine from MecWash Systems, for use in an automated production line commissioned by a client based on the continent.

Senior Flexonics’ manufacturing facility in Newport, Gwent, required a proven method to clean and dry heat exchangers for a custom built production line for a leading manufacturer. Having worked with MecWash on previous projects, Senior Flexonics commissioned the UK based company to deliver a MecWash Midi 400 designed to meet specific performance criteria.

Gary Norman, Senior Flexonics’ Manufacturing Engineering Manager, says, “Senior Flexonics has used MecWash in the past for other projects and has confidence in the technical ability of the company to deliver tailored solutions to difficult cleaning applications.” 

The MecWash Midi 400 is a compact system that effectively removes preservative oils, machining lubricants, metal swarf and chips from machined components in a fully enclosed machine – meaning no steam or unpleasant vapours in the working environment.

The Midi’s standard technical specification includes rotational high volume spray washing, immersion washing and hot air drying.  The bespoke system commissioned by Senior Flexonics also incorporates direct jetting via a rear feed system, to flush through the complex heat exchangers plus blowing them out with a side channel blower. Finally vacuum drying ensures the complex internal water and gas galleries of the heat exchangers are 100% clean and dry in a fraction of the time taken using other methods.

Increased productivity

The MecWash Midi 400 supplied to Senior Flexonics, cleans and dries eight  heat exchangers in 376 seconds (6.26 minutes), equating to one off assembly every 47 seconds., or four larger heat exchangers in the same time equating to one off every 94 seconds.

As is the case in a wide range of manufacturing applications, efficient component cleaning was a vital consideration in the production line designed by Senior Flexonics - improved performance can have a significant impact on productivity.

Norman continues, “The speed of the production process delivered by Senior Flexonics is crucial to the bottom line of our customers. We needed to source an effective cleaning unit for this project, capable not only of handling the volume, but also to meet the precise output criteria specified by our client.”

MecWash has an established reputation for delivering bespoke, robust products designed to meet the individual needs of its clients. MecWash Managing Director, John Pattison, says, “There are currently over 200 Midi Systems in operation around the world and we were delighted to have an opportunity to work with Senior Flexonics again. The fundamental fact that the installation of a MecWash system directly impacts productivity, and therefore the bottom line, is being recognised by our clients across the globe. The Senior Flexonics order is recognition of MecWash’s ability to deliver both quality and cost savings.”




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